Seminar by Mr Mr Abbas R. Ali:"In God We Trust, All Others Bring Data"

Our speaker is Mr Abbas R. Ali; an experienced Data Scientist at IBM Business Analytics and Optimization Centre of Competence and Bournemouth University.

Mr Ali received his B.S. degree in Computer Science and Mathematics in 2004, M.S. degree in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing in 2009 and is currently undertaking his PhD at BU. He is author of 6 very interesting papers in machine learning, statistics and predictive analytics domains. His current research interests include predictive and prescriptive, big data, and social network analytics.


This talk will be focus on applied side of Artificial Intelligence, Statistics and Mathematics:

a.    Introduction of Advanced Analytics

b.    Social Network Analytics(demonstration of telecommunication churn prediction and customer segmentation for marketing purpose)

c.    Entity Resolution Analytics(demonstration of Banking loan fraud detection)

d.    Text Analytics(demonstration of quality insights)

e.    Big Data Analytics(internet scale and run in-motion streams)


Location: PG 144, Poole House, BU (please mind that PG144 is in Thomas Hardy Suite building).