The table below shows an overview of the number and person-months of seconded and recruited staff for each host institution. In total, this covers 211 person-months with 115 person-months hosted by BU, 19 hosted by Evonik and 77 hosted by REC. Since more than 50% of person-months will be hosted by BU, the researchers will have the opportunity to work as part of a large, multi-disciplinary and multi-national team, located in a single place, which will have a huge positive effect on the transfer of knowledge through interpersonal interactions. Additionally, as secondments between the two industrial partners are not allowed, this will also facilitate a direct, face to face transfer of knowledge between Evonik and REC.

The incoming Evonik researchers (27 PM) will primarily be involved in WP2 contributing to advanced adaptation, meta learning, advanced software engineering and user interface tasks with their knowledge on industry-related aspects of research and applications. They will furthermore participate in coaching researchers and project management in the scope of work package WP1. The seconded REC researchers (64 PM) will contribute to advanced software engineering and user interface/applications in WP2 as well as to the analysis of results of the two PoCs in WP3. The younger REC participants worked in industry after obtaining their academic degree and are therefore mostly early-stage researchers, so the secondments offer them the opportunity to broaden their future career prospects.

BU staff will mainly be seconded to REC (35 PM) with the purpose of increasing REC’s research capacity. Secondments to Evonik (19 PM) will have the aim of gaining on-site knowledge regarding the process industry application that is necessary as inputs to the implementation of the platform and to guide application-related research directions. BU staff will furthermore be seconded to provide trainings at both companies involved.