Seminar by Dr George Oikonomou: "Mobile Forensics"

PG22, Talbot Campus, BU, 9/10/2013 16:00

Dr Oikonomou expertise is in the development of advanced forensic tools, IPv6-enabled Wireless Sensor Networks and the Internet of Things

Abstract: This talk will focuses on the outcomes of recent research in the field of forensics for mobile devices, with emphasis on the Android operating system. We discuss a method for the acquisition of forensic-grade evidence from smartphones using open source tools, focusing specifically on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi facilities.

Forensic analysis reveals traces left in the inner structure of three mobile Android devices and also brings out security vulnerabilities. Subsequently, we investigate attacks against android's pattern lock mechanism, such as methods to recover the pattern using the oily residues left on screens when people move their fingers to reproduce the unlock code.

We present a pilot study on user habits when setting a pattern lock and on their perceptions regarding what constitutes a secure pattern. Based on the survey's results, we establish a scheme, which combines a behaviour-based attack and a physical attack on graphical lock screen methods, aiming to make it partially or fully retrievable. This work has been supported by the European Union's Prevention of and Fight against Crime Programme "Illegal Use of Internet" - ISEC 2010 Action Grants, grant ref. HOME/2010/ISEC/AG/INT-002.