Work plan

The work plan of the project is organised in four work packages as shown in the figure and described below.

Work package 1: Management
Objective: WP1 ensures day-by-day coordination and management of all the INFER activities, providing efficient support in terms of financial and human resources and linking the project to the European Commission (EC). The following objectives will be pursued:

  1. To ensure efficient management at the administrative, scientific and technical levels;
  2. To ensure an integration of all activities among partners;
  3. To ensure effective communication between consortium partners;
  4. To provide an efficient link with the EC;
  5. To support the commercialisation of the software.

Work package 2: Scientific progress
Objective: The aim of WP2 is the research progress of the project with six concurrent research streams conducted by multi-disciplinary teams from all partners. The research topics cover three overlapping research programme areas and are listed below:

  1. Advanced preprocessing and modeling techniques for data driven soft sensors
  2. Advanced adaptation techniques
  3. Metalearning
  4. Complexity science
  5. Advanced software engineering relevant to the platform
  6. User interface research and acceptability study

Work package 3: Applications
Objective: In WP3, the developed platform will be applied to Evonik’s processes in two stages. The first stage will cover a single case study, the acrylic acid production plant, and its goal is to apply the initial version of the implemented platform and to extract recommendations for further development and improvement of the platform. The second, longer stage will enable to study the scalability, transferability and user experience aspects of the platform through application to a number of different, carefully selected processes.

Work package 4: Software engineering and implementation
Objective: The implementation and software engineering aspects are the topic of WP4. The tasks of this work package revolve around the definition of the software and application requirements, designing and implementation of the platform as well as the testing and deployment of the software. The research related to identification of other application areas beyond process industry will also be conducted as part of this work package.