Speaker Affiliation Title Location



Dr Athen Ma

School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, Queen Mary University of London

Rich-cores in networks PG10 Talbot Campus, BU



Dr Dimitris Pinotsis Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimage, UCL Electrophysiological Data and the Biophysical Modelling of Local Cortical Circuits P302LT, Talbot Campus, BU



Dr Michael Head University College London The funding of infectious disease research – data, databases and making it all mean something PG22, Talbot Campus, BU
22/1/2014 15:00 Dr Michael Bourne Head of Sports Science and Medicine for the England and Wales Sports Analytics P302LT, Talbot Campus, BU



Mr Manuel Martinez-Salvador Bournemouth University, UK

Artificial Intelligence for Automating Data Analysis

PG22, Talbot Campus, BU
11/11/2013 15:00 Prof. Ben Azvine Global Head of Security Research and Innovation at BT Industrial applications of novel Intelligent Systems PG16, Talbot Campus, BU
23/10/2013 14:00 Dr Jérôme Kunegis Institute for Web Science and Technologies (WeST) at the University of Koblenz–Landau, Germany Observing the Web: The Koblenz Network Collection PG22, Talbot Campus, BU
9/10/2013 16:00 Dr George Oikonomou Information Security and Forensics lab, Bristol University Mobile Forensics PG22, Talbot Campus, BU
29/06/2013 Dr Richard G Clegg Dept of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at University College London Analysing time varying graphs P302 LT, Talbot Campus, BU


Mr Abbas Raza Ali

IBM Business Analytics and Optimization Centre of Competence.

Bournemouth University, UK

In God We Trust, All Others Bring Data PG 144, Talbot Campus, BU
17/04/2013 Dr Damien Fay Bournemouth University, UK GlasDasha: predicting arrival times from crowd sourcedSmartphone data without localisation or route maps PG 144, Talbot Campus, BU
10/04/2013 Dr Dariusz Krol Division of Knowledge Management Systems, Institute of Informatics, Wrocław University of Technology On Understanding Error Propagation Phenomenon PG 144, Talbot Campus, BU

Mr Mateusz Wojciechowski

Research and Engineering Software Global inc.

Communication Networks in Automotive Industry

PG 142, Talbot Campus, BU

Dr Michalis Mavrovounioutis

University of Leicester  Ant Colony Optimization for Dynamic Optimization Problems  P302, Talbot Campus, BU
07/11/2012 Mr Reinhard Dudda and Ms Monika Berendsen Evonik Industries AG, Germany Data Mining at EVONIK and Impact on INFER P302, Talbot Campus, BU
31/10/2012 Ms Monika Berendsen and Mr Reinhard Dudda Evonik Industries AG, Germany Software Development at EVONIK P302, Talbot Campus, BU
10/10/2012 Mr Alexander Maslov Information Systems Group, Eindhoven University of Technology, Holland Quantile Index for Gradual and Abrupt Change Detection in Noisy Sensor Data Monitoring P302, Talbot Campus, BU
1/10/2012 Dr Georg Krempl Knowledge Management and Discovery group at the University of Magdeburg, Germany Online Clustering of High-Dimensional Trajectories under Concept Drift P302, Talbot Campus, BU

Mr Aleksander Badura & Mr Tobiasz Dworak

Research Engineering Center, Poland

Introduction to System Testing Bournemouth University 16 p.m. at PG16 Theatre
26/6/2012 Dr Gustavo Camps-Valls Signal Processing Group, University of Valencia Extended Kernel Methods Bournemouth University 16 p.m. at PG10 Theatre
26/6/2012 Drs Valerio Laparra and Jesus Malo Signal Processing Group, University of Valencia Gaussianization Framework for Signal Processing Bournemouth University 15h 30' p.m. at PG10 Theatre
13/6/2012 Mr Tobiasz Dworak Research Engineering Center, Poland Current state of INFER platform software. (Hands on demo) Bournemouth University 2 p.m. at Lawrence Lecture Theater
30/5/2012 Dr Indre Zliobate BU, UK Introduction to Adaptive Learning from Streaming Data Bournemouth University 4 p.m. at Lawrence Lecture Theater
23/5/2012 Dr Athanasios Tsakonas BU, UK

Evolving Simple and Complex Structures To Combine Predictors

Bournemouth University  4 p.m. at Lawrence Lecture Theater
10/5/2012 Dr Peter Kaßler EVONIK Industries, Germany Metalearning Made Easy - just sit back and watch Bournemouth University  4 15 p.m. at P355L
2/5/2012 Ms Monika Berendsen EVONIK Industries, Germany Data Visualization in Process Industry Bournemouth University  4 p.m. at Lawrence Lecture Theater
21/3/2012 Dr Zulfiqar Khan Sustainable Design Research Centre, BU The interface of research and education in sustainable design Bournemouth University  4 p.m. at P302
28/3/2012 Mr Tomasz Stelmach Research Engineering Center, Poland Software design challenges with focus on client-server architectures Bournemouth University  4 p.m. at P302
14/3/2012 Dr Emili Balaguer-Ballester Bournemouth University Reconstruction of High-Dimensional Dynamics of Neural Ensemble Activity Bournemouth University  4 p.m. at P302
7/3/2012 Dr Frederic Stahl Bournemouth University Foundations of Pocket Data Mining Bournemouth University  4 p.m. at P302
1/3/2012 Dr Peter Kaßler Evonik Industries, Germany Easy Modelling - Just sit back and watch Bournemouth University  4 p.m. at P405
22/2/2012 Dr Stephanie Schwan Evonik Industries, Germany Decisions and their consequences Bournemouth University  4 p.m. at P302
8/2/2012 Mr Manuel M Salvador Bournemouth University Handling concept drift in data stream mining Bournemouth University  4 p.m. at P302
1/2/2012 Mr Amir Rafati-Afshar Bournemouth University New use for old drugs; chemical similarity methods and molecular representations for virtual screening Bournemouth University  4 p.m. at P302
16/1/2012 Dr Anna Flemming Evonik Industries Applications of Softsensors in Control Strategies in the Chemical Process Industry Bournemouth University  2 p.m. at P409
11/1/2012 Mr Edward Apeh Bournemouth University Customer Profile Classification using Transactional Data Bournemouth University  4 p.m. at P302
30/11/2011 Dr Athanasios Tsakonas Bournemouth University Grammar-driven data mining: when and how Bournemouth University  4 p.m. at P335


Mr Abbas R. Ali IBM GBS, China Advanced Analytics Bournemouth University


Dr Mykola Pechenizkiy Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands Context Aware Predictive Analytics: Motivation, Potential, Challenges Bournemouth University  4 p.m. at PG143


Mr Omar Kudmany Bournemouth University Web log pre-processing using Complex Event Processing technologies Bournemouth University  5 p.m. at PG143


Dr Katarzyna Musial Bournemouth University

From Local to Global Dynamics of Complex Networked Systems

Bournemouth University  4 p.m. at P335

21/09/2011 Dr Stephanie Schwan Evonik Industries The Gap between Theory and Practice...  Bournemouth University
01/06/2011 Dr Indre Zliobaite Bournemouth University Data Partitioning Strategies for Identifying Hidden Contexts  Bournemouth University
30/03/2011 Dr Indre Zliobaite Bournemouth University Controlled Permutations for Testing Adaptive Classifiers   Bournemouth University
23/03/2011 Mr Kurt Müller Evonik Industries "We need to know before..." - On some results of Vapnik Chervonenkis Theory   Bournemouth University
10/03/2011 Mr Wieslaw Blysz Research & Engineering Center Lifecycle of the Innovative Software Products in a Nutshell   Bournemouth University
15/02/2011 Dr Christiane Lemke Bournemouth University "Roll over, rocket scientists" - Software for predictive analytics: Current state of the art and future directions  Bournemouth University
 26/01/2010 Dr Athanasios Tsakonas Bournemouth University  Genetic Programming for Evolving and Robust Adaptive Systems Bournemouth University
 15/12/2010 Mr Jacek Panachida Research & Engineering Center Best practices in software development Bournemouth University
 01/12/2010 Mr Tobiasz Dworak Research & Engineering Center On Software Engineering - based on real world examples Bournemouth University 
 24/11/2010 Dr Stephanie Schwan Evonik Industries Challenges in the Development and Maintenance of Soft Sensors in Chemical Process Industry   Bournemouth University 
 17/11/2010 Prof. Mark Girolami University College London Riemann manifold Langevin and Hamiltonian Monte Carlo methods Bournemouth University 
 04/11/2010 Prof. Trevor Martin University of Bristol Human Intelligence and Computational Intelligence - beyond the Known Unknowns?  Bournemouth University 
 27/10/2010 Prof Ludmila Kuncheva Bangor University Classifier ensembles for fMRI classification Bournemouth University