INFER Consortium


The Smart Technology Research Centre (STRC) / School of Design Engineering and Computing (DEC) of the Bournemouth University (BU) from United Kingdom is the coordinator of the INFER project. STRC is engaged in a world-class research in the field of automated intelligent technologies. Together with the Software Systems Research Centre (SSRC) and the Psychology Research Group (PRG) of Bournemouth  University, this represents the academia in this partnership. The relevant expertise and current research interests of the 3 directly involved research centres  lay in broad areas of intelligent and biologically inspired smart/learning/adaptive systems, software engineering and human-computer interaction.
The Automation and Production Management (APM) is a group of Evonik Degussa GmbH (Evonik) from Germany. APM’s key competencies are process on-line analytics, advanced control engineering, process information technology, and process data analysis and utilisation. Evonik is a large industrial group from Germany active in over 100 countries throughout the world. Evonik Degussa, a chemical part of Evonik, is focused on high-margin specialty chemistry with turn-over amounted to €9.978 billion in 2009.
Research and Engineering Centre (REC) from Poland is a highly innovative and fast growing software engineering company established in 2007, with roots going back to the year 2000. REC’s expertise and experience covers the theoretical and practical knowledge of realising big commercial software solutions and projects; building working and market-ready prototypes as well as mature mass-products; organisation and managing complex, multi-site and multi-vendor software projects as well as the know-how in the area of remote cooperation.