Bournemouth University

School of Design, Engineering & Computing

Project Library: Software Systems Framework 2010/2011

SSF 267 - Tariq Ahmed (NSM)

Investigation of Network Problems into Bournemouth & Poole College, seeking for Possible Solution

SSF 268 - Mohammed Al Ajaji (SE)

Development of Bluetooth Based Mobile Mesh Networking Environment

SSF 269 - Sean Beacham (BIT)

ZigBee Sensor Network With Application Integration

SSF 270 - Paul Beams (WS)

An iPhone application to increase interaction and build brand community while capturing customer trends in order to increase business performance

SSF 271 - Matthew Beavis (BIT)

A Feasibility Study into Small Medium Enterprises Migrating from IPv4 to IPv6

SSF 272 - Mark Beckford (COMP)

Investigation and Creation of a Project Management System in ASP.NET & C#

SSF 273 - Jonathan Bennett (COMP)

A study into approaches for content-based image retrieval

SSF 274 - Marc Biggs (MCS)

Online Clothes Website

SSF 275 - Tony Bolley (SE)

The Harvard Referencing Tool

SSF 276 - Stephen Borland (SE)

Student Management System for a Martial Arts Club

SSF 277 - Robert Bourne (DMG)

Horse-riding website development

SSF 278 - Robert Bowring (COMP)

Database system with user interface to store information on homes with Flues in Voids

SSF 279 - Alan Boylan (COMP)

An evaluation of encryption algorithms to create a practical security application

SSF 280 - Samuel Breslin (BIT)

Creating Mobile Phone Forensic Material for the Learning Environment

SSF 281 - Veli Bulbul (COMP)

Using Decision Trees to predict football match results based on past performances

SSF 282 - Nicholas Burks (BIT)

An Investigation into Customer Satisfaction as a Driver of Business Performance

SSF 283 - Luke Caulder (COMP)

An Investigation into Cloud Databases

SSF 284 - Thomas Chase (COMP)

An investigation into efficient games development using the Unity Engine

SSF 285 - Gaetano Chiazza (ITM)

A feasibility study and build of a content management system for a growers cooperative

SSF 286 - Charlotte Cocking (COMP)

Research and Creation of an Appropriate Educational Video Game for Children in Reception

SSF 287 - Daniel Constable (DMD)

Concept Level for a PC Game

SSF 288 - Leo Cornelius (SE)

A Time and Payment Management System for Small Businesses

SSF 289 - Alan Cretch (COMP)

Room Booking System with Digital Display

SSF 290 - Adam Curtiss (BIT)

Development and Evaluation of Spam Detection workshops in the learning environment

SSF 291 - Chris Dalkin (ITM)

A Feasibility study - Can the National Coastwatch Institution benefit from computerising their logging system

SSF 292 - Paul Daniels (COMP)

Source Code Beautifier Development

SSF 293 - Lewis Davis (BIT)

An Investigation into Content Management Systems on behalf of Actin, leading to the Development of their Web Presence

SSF 294 - Alistair Day (COMP)

Study into Web Usability, aiding in the Development of a User-Centred Website

SSF 295 - Charlie Dennington (COMP)

The development and evaluation of a usable online gym search engine using Drupal

SSF 296 - Adam Duncan (COMP)

Development of an API to aid in the recovery of missing web enabled devices

SSF 297 - Matthew Dyson (BIT)

Multi-project Employee Allocation System

SSF 298 - Ross Evans (BC)

Design & Development of a Project Status Reporting Tool

SSF 299 - Paul Fannin (BIT)

Online Entertainment Agency

SSF 300 - Karla Fry (BIT)

Social Networking And Recipe Sharing Website

SSF 301 - Andrew Gold (NSM)

Network Design with Virtualisation

SSF 302 - James Gould (WS)

The development of a designer clothing sales website with specific attention to usability

SSF 303 - Lee Graves (COMP)

What Makes a Website User Friendly?

SSF 304 - Benjamin Guy (BIT)

Illegal music downloading and the technological ways of overcoming it

SSF 305 - James HamiLl (COMP)

Web-based Staff Leave Management System

SSF 306 - Matthew Hanson (COMP)

The Development of a Maturity Model to assess IT Projects within the NHS

SSF 307 - Joel Harley (WS)

Investigation Into and Development of a Mobile Web Application for a Fundraising Campaign

SSF 308 - Elizabeth Harmon (MBE)

An Investigation into the Key Business Implications for UK Small & Medium Enterprises, of Employees Using Social Media Whilst at Work

SSF 309 - Matthew Harris (BIT)

Design and Creation of an Estate Agents App for the iPad

SSF 310 - Mohammed Hashim (SE)

Enabling Feature-rich Mobile Solutions using a Hybrid Application Model

SSF 311 - Thomas Hickey (COMP)

Anti-Tout Ticketing System

SSF 312 - Jason Hill (NSM)

Cloud Computing

SSF 313 - Thomas Hirons (BIT)

Creating a Social Engineering Penetration Test Guide

SSF 314 - Robert Hooper(BIT

Why do IT Projects Fail? A Practical Risk Management aproach to avoiding the most common mistakes

SSF 315 - Matthew Hoskins (COMP)

HTTP Proxy Server Developed in the Interest of Website Safety and Security

SSF 316 - Dale Humphries (COMP)

Creating an application in to manage meetings and trips effectively with the use of Google APIs and Cloud Computing

SSF 317 - Mhamun Hussain (BIT)

Self Service POS System for Heart of India Broadstone

SSF 318 - Callum Hutton (COMP)

Development of a Java software tool to test for OWASP security vulnerabilities in web applications

SSF 319 - Richard Jackson (COMP)

The Design and Development of a Dynamic Website for a Local Secondary School

SSF 320 - Oscar Jarabo Diaz-cardiel (COMP)

Situational CRM Application in Energy Sector and Mashup

SSF 321 - Daniel Jeyes (COMP)

The Research and Development of a Wed Based B&B Management System

SSF 322 - Alexander Kelly (COMP)

Using a hybrid methodology to show how code reuse can be used to give Ermin Plant LTD a competitive edge in the e-commerce market

SSF 323 - Pascale Korzilius (BIT)

An Analysis of the Development and Use of Google Analytics and its Potential Application to Report Cyber Crime

SSF 324 - Benjamin Lafayette (NSM)

Analysing and improving network performance of The Bournemouth School Network to improve operation

SSF 325 - Craig Langdown (NSM)

Developing a Network Monitoring Application

SSF 326 - Marc Lazell (COMP)

An Intranet Solution to Internal Stock Management

SSF 327 - Daniel Lisle (SE)

Bournemouth University Degree Selection System

SSF 328 - James Lowley (NSM)

A Network Expansion Plan for Hayward Baker Solicitors

SSF 329 - Nathan Mahdavi (COMP)

Interactive Digital Signage Solution

SSF 330 - Samuel Malloy (SE)

The development of a practical Network Programming resource that is suitable for supporting the learning of message driven application structuring

SSF 331 - Ross Manning (SE)

Bug Tracking System

SSF 332 - Oliver Marks (BIT)

How has Cyber Crime increased the cost of doing business by computer, including developing a set of universal guidelines as a way of preventing Cyber Crime?

SSF 333 - Stephen Marks (WS)

Websocket Server

SSF 334 - Ashley Martin (BC)

A Real-time Online Property Auction Integration System

SSF 335 - Liam McGarry (ITM)

The product of a business solution using a derived Content Management Method

SSF 336 - Sean McGrath (BIT)

An investigation into the issues of teaching programming to beginners

SSF 337 - Andrew Merrell (COMP)

A mobile application to filter specific information on social networks

SSF 338 - Saba Mohammed (SE)

A Software Engineering Approach to the Development of a Web-Based Edutainment Application

SSF 339 - Eddie Morgan (COMP)

Designing and Testing a Social Health-Monitoring Website

SSF 340 - Lee Morgan (NSM)

Application of Zigbee and Dash7 to automated car park space allocation

SSF 341 - Sam Morgan (COMP)

Integrating E-Commerce with an Existing Website

SSF 342 - Trudi Morris (COMP)

Multi-Use Web Site for an Accountancy Firm

SSF 343 - Matthew Mosawi (COMP)

Evaluating and enhancing the usability of an event comparison site

SSF 344 - Krzysztof Mroczkowski (NSM)

Comparison between the performance of a purpose-built router and software-based router

SSF 345 - Jameson Mtetwa (NSM)

OSPF Enterprise Network Re-Convergence Analysis with OPNET Modeler Based Simulations

SSF 346 - John Murefu (BIT)

Investigating and Improving the performance of South Essex College's computer network

SSF 347 - Yvette Murphie (COMP)

An e-purchasing system for a charitable organisation: an HCI based development

SSF 348 - Thomas Newton (NSM)

An Investigation into the Principles of Cloud Computing, Virtualization and Networks

SSF 349 - Matthew Norris (COMP)

E-commerce & inventory management solution for high street reptile & fish retailer (Includes a bound Appendices)

SSF 350 - Laith Nurie (COMP)

Identification Document Retrieval System For Android Platform: 2DMEe

SSF 351 - Rory O'grady (BC)

Improving IDE integration of software development management tools

SSF 352 - Mark O'Keefe (BIT)

Research and Development of a new type of Recipe Search Engine

SSF 353 - Dean Parker (COMP)

Evaluating the effectiveness of a cross platform framework to create a mobile application

SSF 354 - Robin Payne ()BIT

Health Evaluation Web Interface For Seniors

SSF 355 - Stuart Pearce (COMP)

Research Into and the Creation of the 'Perfect' First Person Shooter Multiplayer Game Level

SSF 356 - Karsten Pedersen (SE)

The Design and Implementation of Wavefront Animation Studio

SSF 357 - Jason Pickering (COMP)

Security and Usability of Cloud Storage

SSF 358 - Matthew Pott (COMP)

IT Support System for Small Businesses

SSF 359 - Shaun Powell (COMP)

Recommender System for Movie Website

SSF 360 - Matthew Prowse (SE)

Automated Deployment Of Virtual Machines

SSF 361 - William Pulford (NSM)

Design of a Typical Enterprise Network

SSF 362 - Sophie Rujan (BIT)

A Structured and Systematic Analysis into the IT Helpdesk System at Poole Hospital

SSF 363 - Vytautas Ramanauskas (DMD)

2D iPhone Game Concept, Development & Sale

SSF 364 - Scott Ramsey (BIT)

Intel Audit Management System

SSF 365 - Christopher Reay (COMP)

An Investigation and Re-Design of a Bespoke Software Testing Environment

SSF 366 - Christopher Reed (BIT)

Designing a Cloud Based Collaboration Service for Mobile Users

SSF 367 - Kathryn Reeves (BIT)

A Feasibility Study into Automating the Data Updates Process within Company X

SSF 368 - Marcus Ridge (SE)

A Maturity Model for the Configuration of the Internet Information Services Server

SSF 369 - Michael Roberts (COMP)

Investigation into Usability Design Considerations when Building a Website for Senior Users

SSF 370 - Martin Rolfe (COMP)

Personal Financial Management App for the Android Platform

SSF 371 - Charlotte Rowe (COMP)

An investigation into the security of Voice over Internet Protocol at the border of a network

SSF 372 - Martin Sanders (BIT)

SSF 373 - Go Sang (SE)

Timesheet System

SSF 374 - Ashkan Shahabi Gharib (COMP)

Developing and designing an optimized information web site for a health related organization

SSF 375 - Stacey Smith (BIT)

Creating a Prototype Content Management System for Kent County Council

SSF 376 - Paul Spencer (NSM)

Investigation into a wireless solution suitable for products used in intensive care

SSF 377 - Graham Street (SE)

Internet Communication Tools For An Enterprise Application Using A Software Engineer's Approach

SSF 378 - Alvin Talukder (COMP)

PCle Triton - Call Generator

SSF 379 - Philip Tasker (ITM)

The potential of Augmented Reality

SSF 380 - John Tilley (COMP)

The Start-up and Development of an Online Dating Service Business

SSF 381 - Matthew Vincent (MBE)

A new approach to Requirements Engineering

SSF 382 - Yalcin Vural (NSM)

Evaluating Wireless LAN Standards

SSF 383 - Thomas Wallbridge (COMP)

PAT Testing Web Application

SSF 384 - Jack Watson (BIT)

Managed Service Expert System

SSF 385 - Thomas Watson (COMP)

Green IT and How Bishop Ramsey School can Improve both Economically and Environmentally

SSF 386 - Claire West (ITM)

An exploration of the effectiveness of the user interface when dealing with large amounts of data (includes a bound Appendices)

SSF 387 - Jon Whitefield (SE)

Testing Management System (Includes a bound Appendices)

SSF 388 - Stephen Wolfe (ITM)

Cross Browser Compatible Recipe Website & Android Recipe Application Design

SSF 389 - Joseph Worrel (COMP)

Testing Quality of Service in a Fixed Voice Network

SSF 390 - Luke Wright (NSM)

Network Infrastructures for Listed Buildings

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