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Project Library: Psychology 2010/2011

PSY 103 - Lucy Abbott

Investigating the relationship between social identity and self esteem in adolescents

PSY 104 - Jonathan Addicott

Gender differences on well-being with social network site-use and the effect of internet communication on health

PSY 105 - Rachel Alcock

''Why the sad face?' Using an adapted value instrument to measure environmental values in children

PSY 106 - Estelle Allaway

The impacts of taking a gap year on social and personal identity

PSY 107 - Leanne Allsworth

Oculomotor Stroop task: The effects of ageing on Stroop performance

PSY 108 - Hannah Bacon

Does the presentation time of display stimulus impact the role of attention in binding visual features in working memory?

PSY 109 - Chass Barry

Non-conscious motivation and goal orientated behaviour

PSY 110 - Marie Beaune

Qualitative exploration of the development of fear of falls among older people

PSY 111 - Natalie Borriello

The age of rhythm and blues: the relationship of age and Circadian rhythms on sleep and mood problems in students

PSY 112 - Jessica Braby

An investigation into the effect of attractiveness on response times when presented in a modified Stroop task

PSY 113 - Darren Britton

If the lucky cap fits: the idiosyncratic superstitions of sports-people and their relationship with paranormal beliefs and general self efficacy

PSY 114 - Emma Bulpitt

Framing and communicating nuclear power: The effects of outcome frames, distance frames and temporal distance frames of acceptability

PSY 115 - Lee Butters

The contribution of audition to the restorative effects of natural environments

PSY 116 - Megan Cake

An investigation into the effects of emotional expression and emotional feelings in face recognition: anger vs disgust

PSY 117 - Cherise Carroll

Defendant presentation in a criminal trial: The effect of the order of defendant presentation on defendant likeability, the perceived importance of themes during deliberation and verdict decisions

PSY 118 - Annie Challacombe

Does sexual orientation and attachment type affect body image and diet?

PSY 119 - Sophie Chatralia

Motivation to exercise and drive for muscularity in male university level sports players: An investigation

PSY 120 - Emily Cheer

The influence of emotional traits, body appreciation and message format on a sun-care health message

PSY 121 - Pok Cheung

Does nature affect one's way of thinking of a television advertisement?

PSY 122 - Kylie Chivers

Differences in children's knowledge of stereotypical gender information depending on their age and gender

PSY 123 - Cindy Connor

An investigation into the effects of self esteem on sexual health behaviour

PSY 124 - Gregory Cook

An investigation into the relationship between vocabulary knowledge, reading comprehension and listening comprehension ability

PSY 125 - Amy Crutcher

Salience and location binding: Does experimentally induced chocolate craving lead to increased binding to location for chocolate related images?

PSY 126 - Samantha Dear

The effects of induced mood and affective information - processing strategies on predictions of future task duration

PSY 127 - Elizabeth Dick

The effects of unique and non-unique objects in route learning

PSY 128 - Chris Dodimead

The effect of criminal and neutral auditory messages on the encoding and recall of neutral faces

PSY 129 - Matthew Doran

The influence of emotion and attention on binding in working memory

PSY 130 - Alison Doyle

Does the life events of students in university affect how stressed they are?

PSY 131 - Hannah Drake

Exploring gender differences in deception in online communication: Instant messaging versus e-mail

PSY 132 - Jemma Ferran

The effects of attractiveness in advertising

PSY 133 - Joanna Foyle

An investigation into anxiety, efficiency and goal maintenance in the Stroop task

PSY 134 - Charlotte Francis

Examining how matches and mismatches of texts and pictures affects adults reading comprehension

PSY 135 - Maria-Luisa Gonzalez

Does caffeine influence the effect of cognitive load on prospective time estimation and task performance?

PSY 136 - Gabby Gosztonyl

Health promotion: The extent to which message framing effects dietary intention

PSY 137 - Stace Gothard

Are there differences in emotional intelligence and emotion recognition between musicians and non-musicians?

PSY 138 - Jessica-Louise Grantham

Factors contributing to the experience of jealousy, in the context of Facebook

PSY 139 - Victoria Gravier-Smith

Young rebellious vs old and stubborn: A series of experiments investigating age differences and willingness to conform in social contexts

PSY 140 - Katie Greatrex

Healthy Behaviours of university students and their parents, when living at or away from the home

PSY 141 - Rebecca Grunsell

The effect of positive and negative affect and task familiarity on counterfactual thinking

PSY 142 - Grace Hackman

The impact of social categorisation upon the other-race effect

PSY 143 - Sophie Hartsiotis

How social anxiety, planned behaviour and the media affect exercise motivation

PSY 144 - Emily Hays

Depressed mood in students: relationships with sleep quality, university stressors, exercise and gender

PSY 145 - Joanna Henson

Does personality type affect consumer trust in the online retail context: Exploring factors of trust, personality and website usability

PSY 146 - Emma Hillis

An investigation into the external validity of the attraction-leniency effect using strong and week defence statements

PSY 147 - Samuel Hoglund

Body art - marginalisation or normalisation?

PSY 148 - Charlotte Hughes

Different intersections and their impact on structural encoding of route learning

PSY 149 - Sian Humphrey

The role of memory in the planning fallacy

PSY 150 - Kayleigh Jones

Every little helps: The effects of injunctive social norms and personal norms in discouraging the use of plastic bags in a supermarket

PSY 151 - Nick Kennedy

Affect, arousal and risk decision-making

PSY 152 - Jessica King-Holford

'An investigation into the effect of emotion on face recognition in healthy individuals and those with developmental prosopagnosia'

PSY 153 - Catherine Knight

Framing future goals to learn from past experiences: Can framing increase the generation of upward counterfactual thoughts?

PSY 154 - Lauren Knight

Book versus the cover: in judging physical attraction with the use of physical and non physical factors

PSY 155 - Aneta Kwasniewska

Cross-cultural differences in emotional processing and social problem-solving

PSY 156 - Sophie Lee

Going the distance - Can distance effects in feature retrieval be induced using the Ponzo Illusion?

PSY 157 - Summer Lewis

Come and play: An investigation into individual differences and the usage of video games

PSY 158 - Samantha Ling

Perceptions of different types of pollution

PSY 159 - Debi Little

Criminal Facial Sterotypes

PSY 160 - Jessica Lloyd

Is verbal-spatial binding in working memory affected by a concurrent memory load if processing of the concurrent load only continues up to the retrieval of the primary task?

PSY 161 - Kimberleigh Lloyd

The effects of anxiety level and available attention resources on the recognition of emotional faces

PSY 162 - Hannah Marcroft

Do positive and negative emotions displayed through facial expressions facilitate or inhibit face recognition and does this have more of an effect at encoding or retrieval?

PSY 163 - Michelle May

Investigating mentalizing as a precursor to stereotyping

PSY 164 - Francesca McCafferty

Social and emotional dimensions of decision making using facial expressions and the ultimatum task: An investigation

PSY 165 - Kayleigh McMillan

Does implicit 'letter-location' binding require attentional resources?

PSY 166 - Danielle Mitchinson

The relationship between personality types, coping strategies, perceived stress levels and psychological well-being in university students

PSY 167 - Joseph Mole

Response inhibition and integration

PSY 168 - Leigh-Ann Molloy

Attractiveness is more than just a preference: The effects of distinctiveness and attractiveness upon the memorability of faces.

PSY 169 - Andrew Moss

The role of attention in involuntary verbal-colour binding in working memory: Influences of concurrent load and valence

PSY 170 - Sophie Mundin

Individual difference in working memory capacity on Stroop performance

PSY 171 - Chloe Nellist

Student quality of life and perceived sleep satisfaction

PSY 172 - Zoe Nicholson

An exploration in student relationship perception with regards to personality traits, anxiety traits and mood perception

PSY 173 - Jordan O'Neil

Affecting sustained attention using natural and urban silhouettes: Does it pay off to pay attention to nature?

PSY 174 - Daniel Packer

Web page interfaces and preferences on image appeal in different orthographies

PSY 175 - Jamie-Lee Panther

A qualitative study concerning the emotional impact of experiences of complex visual hallucinations in older people with visual impairments

PSY 176 - Charlotte Philip

For crying out load! An investigation into the effect of age and gender on adult crying behaviours and an in depth look at crying intensity and empathy

PSY 177 - Eleanor Pizzie

Considering gender differences in precision teaching: The effects on phonological awareness and reading ability in the classroom

PSY 178 - Sarah Preece

Exploring children's motivation to read: a focus on intrinsic motivation and self-efficacy in reading

PSY 179 - Nathan Prince

Performing healthy behaviours: the influence of gender on anticipatory regret and levels of behavioural intention

PSY 180 - Sarah Reynolds

Fast food consumption and romantic relationships

PSY 181 - Katie Samuel

Free hugs? The influence of the Normative and Gain Goal Frame in the compliance of social requests

PSY 182 - Jiri Siftar

Colour and spatial grouping cues in novelty icon arrays

PSY 183 - Emily Simmonds

Lesson types and the learning styles of young children

PSY 184 - Laura Smith

Socio-economic factors of learned helplessness in students

PSY 185 - Lucy Smith

Anxiety and the Stroop task: non-emotional stimuli, slow and fast paced RSI conditions

PSY 186 - Cathy Spain

Does mood affect the recognition of faces with positive or negative emotional expressions?

PSY 187 - Charlotte Steele

The perfect fit: Examining the effects of musical congruency, genre, gender and household income on overall product purchasability ratings of print advertisements

PSY 188 - Roni Steptoe

Can personality traits have an effect upon signal detection theory

PSY 189 - Louise Stock

The effect goal framing has on intentions to undertake strength and balance training in older people

PSY 190 - Megan Stratford

How does the Bruce and Young (1986) model account for the face processing abilities of developmental prosopagnosics?

PSY 191 - Scarlett Taylor

Task switching and the effects of priming on switching costs using the Stroop task

PSY 192 - Marie Thompson

Is our visual memory important when learning to read? A correlation study to show the age difference in the predictors of children's reading

PSY 193 - Hayley Tilbrook

Generation Consumers: An exploration into brand personality and branded product meanings

PSY 194 - Abigail Tinkler

The relationship between students Facebook use with depression and well being, including gender differences

PSY 195 - Eleni Tsirigoti

The influence generation differences and morphology have on processing Roman-alphabeted Greek

PSY 196 - Cllum Tunsley

How do we get around? The effect of sequencing and landmark type on route learning

PSY 197 - Saskia Van Bohemen

A delve into the skill of comprehension: Is role change accuracy and reading time affected by comprehension ability.

PSY 198 - Sarah Vincent

Attitudes toward theft: the influence of environmental setting, state of environment and item cost

PSY 199 - Lisa Ward

Lesbian sexual identity and ageing: A butch-female perspective

PSY 200 - Laura Weight

Are gardens restorative? (Includes a bound Appendices)

PSY 201 - Alexandra Wells

Does emotional expression and group bias influence levels of face recognition?

PSY 202 - Georgina Whitehead

Facial emotion recognition in Autism: inversion face effect and the confusion between fear and surprise

PSY 203 - Victoria Wilson

Gain, Hedonic and Normative aspects of environmental policies

PSY 204 - Josie-Louise Zakhmband

The impact of anxiety and stress on coping strategies and academic performance of undergraduate students

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