Bournemouth University

School of Design, Engineering & Computing

Project Library: Creative Technology Framework 2010/2011

CTF - 15 - Callum Bowran

Interfacing For Accessible Effects

CTF 16 - Michael Clarke

Can the Development of an Integrated DJ and VJ Package fit into the Commercial Creative Technology Market?

CTF 17 - Nicholas Connor

Investigation into improving the clarity of speech from radio broadcasts for the hard of hearing

CTF 18 - Richard Courtman

Digital Video Composition

CTF 19 - Alex Dodd

Scratch FX

CTF 20 - Sam Dunlop

Producing an Audio-Visual with High Quality Technology has a Positive Affect on ASD Autistic Spectrum Disorder

CTF 21 - Anthony Evans

Implementation of a digital model of a vacuum tube guitar amplifier using waveshaping techniques

CTF 22 - Nick Gardner

Investigation Into Headphone Types and the Correlation Between Sound Quality and Safety

CTF 23 - Daniel Graves

Guitar FX Using Arduino & Max MSP

CTF 24 - Sam Harman

iPhone Impulse Response Application

CTF 25 - Matthew Le Masurier

Internet Streaming for Digital Video Broadcasting

CTF 26 - Alexander Manolis

Interactive Hazard Awareness Guide for TV Studios

CTF 27 - Shaun Mills

Motion Controllers in Music Technology: The Invisible Drum-kit

CTF 28 - Matthew O'Neil

Soundscape; Perceived Sound

CTF 29 - Dean Ormsby

5.1 vs Ambisonics: Creating a three dimensional soundfield

CTF 30 - Christopher Ottridge

The Loudness Wars: An Investigation into Popular Music's Increasing Reliance on Loudness over Dynamics

CTF 31 - Robert Tutton

Investigation and Development of Stereoscopic Editing using 3D Cinematics

CTF 32 - Bogdan Vera

Development of a Networked Modular Synthesizer

CTF 33 - Daniel Vincent

Using EEG BCI technology for empirical evaluation purposes in modern gaming

CTF 34 - Robert Ward

Binaural Recording: Is it compatible enough with video for it to be commercially viable in mainstream film and media and is it feasible to create a Kunstkopf Dummy Head with a built in camera?

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