Bournemouth University

School of Design, Engineering & Computing

Project Library: Software Systems Framework 2009/2010

SSF 158 - Robert Baker (COMP)

The use of a web methodology in the creation of a content management system for price comparison websites

SSF 159 - Peter Bastock (ICS)

A Content Management System using Rich Internet Application technology for Sunnyhill Community Church

SSF 161 - James Belsey (BIT)

Young Enterprise Web Application Development

SSF 170 - Robert Bronsdon (COMP)

Building a Secure HTTP server focussing on Privilege Separation

SSF 173 - David Chapman (SEM)

Enhancing Programme and Project Portfolio Management

SSF 184 - Richard Cranch (SEM)

Software Reengineering for Product Enhancement

SSF 185 - James Crowson (BIT)

A GPS Tracking Application for the Android Platform

SSF 187 - Nic Doherty (SE)

Load Testing Web Applications

SSF 190 - David Finch (COMP)

An Exploration Into Gesture Based Human-Computer Interaction Application Development

SSF 194 - Luke Geddes (COMP)

Development of an Issue Tracking System for Use as a Project Management Tool

SSF 199 - Michael Gough (COMP)

An Integrated Facilities Management and Online Booking System for Cunard

SSF 203 - Mark Harvey (SE)

Evaluation of Test-Driven Development

SSF 204 - Adam Hayton (COMP)

Soraya French Web System

SSF 206 - Ella Hopkins (BIT)

Website and Content Management System focussing on Accessibility Issues

SSF 209 - Shaul Jacobs (BIT)

Operational Website for DNA Club and Restaurant

SSF 212 - Filip Karnicki (COMP)

Large Cheminformatics Datasets and Distributed Data Mining in the Cloud

SSF 213 - Damien Keen (NSM)

A Framework for Measuring Interior Gateway Protocol Convergence

SSF 218 - Aleksandr Kushch (NSM)

Investigation into the Impact of QoS on performance of real-time applications

SSF 225 - Max Messenger (ITM)

Sales Consultancy System

SSF 229 - Oludewa Ogbe (BIT)

The Creation of a Basic Rich Internet Application that Satisfies the Accessibility Requirements of Screen Reader Users

SSF 230 - Helen Paget (SEM)

Perfect Project Facilitation: Development Of The "PETs @ Work" System

SSF 231 - Ameet Palahe (NSM)

Analysis and improving the performance of Farnborough Sixth form College's computer network

SSF 233 - Tom Parker (COMP)

Online Portfolio System

SSF 235 - Michael Payne (SEM)

Progressive Systems Acceptance in Large-Scale Projects

SSF 236 - Dean Pike (BIT)

Project Task Tracking Web Application

SSF 238 - Amir Ali Rafati Afshar (COMP)

Adding New Functionality to a Data Warehouse

SSF 239 - James Riddett (COMP)

Statistical analysis and data visualisation

SSF 241 - David Robson (COMP)

Web Interface for Multiple Databases

SSF 246 - Phil Smithers (SEM)

A Virtual Knowledge Transfer Environment Tool for Virtual Teams

SSF 258 - Mark Wallman (COMP)

Using social web services for mashups and aggregation

SSF 261 - Daniel Wentworth (COMP)

Fetegeo - An Open Source Free-Txt Geocoder

SSF 263 - Samuel Widger (COMP)

A Customer Tracking and Financial Reporting EPOS System

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