Bournemouth University

School of Design, Engineering & Computing

Project Library: Psychology 2009/2010

PSY 34 - David Araci

An investigation into potential factors related to the restorative effects of nature

PSY 36 - Danielle Bennion

The influence of media images of thin beauty ideals and the effect of locus of control on self esteem, social comparison tendencies and body dissatisfaction in females aged 18-22

PSY 43 - Hawa Carregosa

Social identity and mature students in higher education

PSY 48 - Kelly Dawson

An investigation into the differences between traditional and non-traditional students beyond geographical area and parental education

PSY 50 - Emily Dillon

Are 17-18 month olds and 20-21 month olds aware of other people's experiences

PSY 52 - Kayleigh Eales

An investigation of the effects of trait anxiety and expression priming on visual search latencies in the face-in-the- crowd effect.

PSY 54 - Simon Felton

Androgyny and attraction: Is it a case of 'more than meets the eye'?

PSY 55 - Daniela Ferreira

Examining the Relationship Between Anxiety, Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

PSY 57 - Jenna Gander

Investigation into the relationship between newly established Benton Visual Retention test scores and IQ level

PSY 64 - Laura Hicks

An investigation into the effectiveness of speech and language intervention in early years

PSY 65 - Sarah Hodge

An investigation into the experiences and influences of morality for gamer and non gamers in real life and video game contexts.

PSY 66 - Yasmin Hussein

The fashion linguist: Do your clothes do the talking?

PSY 73 - Fiona Major

Organic Meat: A study of values and motive on buying and eating intention

PSY 75 - Ashlynne Merrifield

An experimental study to investigate if mock jurors are influenced by defendant's gender, ethnicity and emotional state

PSY 77 - Claire Monaghan

The wisdom of aging: a comparison of empathy and communication skills in adolescence, adulthood and the elderly

PSY 82 - Gaby Pfeifer

Extraversion, mental imagery and the effects on verbal memory

PSY 83 - Jade Picken

Investigating the effectiveness of a high probability request intervention on improving transition behaviours

PSY 86 - Sheila Schiel

Imaginistic thinking and creative problem solving in business managers

PSY 93 - Konrad Szydlo

Does lexical frequency affect users experience in HCI? An investigation with second-language users.

PSY 96 - Rachel Towler

The affects of anxiety on the perception of facial emotional expressions

PSY 102 - Daisy Whiteman

An Investigation into Personality, Values and Attitudes Towards Homosexuality

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