Bournemouth University

School of Design, Engineering & Computing

Project Library: Software Systems Framework 2008/2009

SSF 38 - Robert Bailey

Maintaining a Java Code Generator - Evaluating and Improving an Existing Software System

SSF 41 - Edward Barrett

3c - A JIT Compiler using LLVM

SSF 42 - Jennie Bate

Psychological Tests into Face Recognition

SSF 45 - James Birchall


SSF 49 - Aaron Brown

Website for Veetees

SSF 51 - Mathew Chesters

An investigation into the use of an Integrated Development Environment for software development, and its effect on using agile methods

SSF 53 - Elliot Coad

A Digital Jukebox Redevelopment

SSF 54 - Luke Colbourn

A Review of PECS Method in the Development of a Web Management Information System

SSF 56 - Gary Coombes

Website Link Analyser

SSF 57 - Stuart Crompton

An Investigation into the Viability of Visual Information Systems within a GP Practice

SSF 58 - Pete Croydon

"Designing and Building a dynamic website for Channel 4 Models LTD implementing the Dynamic Systems Development Methodology (DSDM)" (includes a bound Appendices)

SSF 62 - Andrew Davy

Client-Server Software for Remote Patient Monitoring

SSF 64 - Benjamin Dean

Electronic Submission for Education

SSF 67 - Philip Elson

Increasing the Accuracy of Software Project Estimations

SSF 70 - Jonathan Ferraris

An Investigation Into Real Time, Interactive 3D Terrain

SSF 74 - William French

A Software Application That Online Poker Players Can Use To Support Their Decision Making

SSF 75 - Luke Fribbens

The Start-up and Development of an Online Food Diary Business

SSF 76 - Richard Gobbons

Investigation into the key aspects of an internet application test strategy in order to develop a high quality, robust system

SSF 78 - Daniel Golle


SSF 80 - Adam Gritt

Cross-Browser Framework for Server-Push over HTTP

SSF 82 - Daniel Haller

UML Modelling using the Nintendo Wii remote

SSF 83 - David Hazell

PEGs & PEG Parser Generation

SSF 84 - Simon Hearnshaw

Develop a Website with Web 2.0

SSF 85 - Thomas Henry

The use of a web development method to aid the development process of a hairdresser comparison site in terms of successful usability design and appeal to its target market

SSF 86 - Geerd-Dietger Hoffman

Objects in the Cloud

SSF 88 - Glen Hunt

Caravan Park Online Booking Website and Administration System

SSF 94 - Igor Koveshnikov

Air Traffic Management FPL and NOTAM Monitoring System

SSF 97 - Robin Lewis

Client Performance Optimization System For Enterprise Environments

SSF 99 - Daniel Ludlam

Investigation on the feasibility of developing a commercial web-site by integrating a web method with the Spiral model

SSF 103 - Brendan Martin

Prototyping an Automatic Facial Animation Middleware Tool Suitable For Use in Games Development

SSF 104 - Neil McCullen

Traffic Load Monitoring and Overload Prevention within a Wireless Environment

SSF 109 - Andrew Moger

Investigation into the use of agile principles in non-agile software development

SSF 126 - Joseph Saddigh

Charminster School of English Content Management System

SSF 129 - Paul Scneider

Ellingham, Harbridge & Ibsley Parish Council Website Re-Development (includes a bound Appendices)

SSF 134 - Julia Stanton

Data Warehousing and Reporting Project

SSF 136 - Matthew Sutherland

An Evaluation into the Maturity of NHibernate

SSF 138 - James Thomas

Interactive and Contextual Virtual Learning Environment

SSF 144 - James Tubb

Testing Management Support Tool

SSF 145 - Dominic Udall

Development of a Web System Deployment Manager

SSF 146 - Chris Wade

A Web Portal for the FA Refereeing Department

SSF 150 - Matthew White

Enriched geocoding through the application of geosocial data

SSF 151 - Nicholas Whitmarsh

The Build of a Generic Sports League Management System

SSF 152 - Clifford Williams

An Investigation into the Effects of Non-Photo Realistic Rendering on Users of Video Games

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